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Your help is required! Share the message! And help telling the Russian people what’s going on (perhaps, you should scroll down to the bottom!)

Joe Biden said it. “For God’s sake, that man cannot remain in power”. If you have access to the free Internet, you might know Biden was talking about Vladimir Vladimirowitsch Putin. And no doubt, Biden was right. But how to get rid of Putin? Well, that’s where you come into the picture!

It’s just a matter of time, before the last Russian soldier leaves Ukraine. That’s not going to happen tomorrow, I reckon, but some day in a not too far away future, it’ll happen. But that does not mean, the war will be over.

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Oh, sure, Mr. Zelenzky will, if the Russians don’t succeed in an assassination of the Ukrainian President, announce the war to be over. That’ll mean, no city is under siege of Russian missiles, no Russian soldiers and tanks are moving around and shooting on everything, that looks Ukrainian, in motion. That also mean, that the world slowly but steadily is going to lower the sanctions against Russia. That also means, a new dawn is coming. As I wrote in March 2022, only three weeks after the Russian invasion, in 2027, we’ll see Russia like we did in 2021. We will treat Russia and Putin just like we did before the Russo-Ukrainian war: “We can’t trust them, but what the hell, we need them, and they can’t be that bad”. “Perhaps, he has learned from his mistakes, when he failed to incorporate Chechnya”. “Putin will not remain in power until 2036, even though the law permits him to do so; he’d die long before”. And we will find a buttload of justifications to ”forget” what happened in Ukraine in 2022. Unless we get rid of Putin. And not only Putin, but the whole “United Russia” bullshit. But that is easier to say than to achieve.

First and foremost, it is important to distinguish between the ideology and the power to execute the ideology. I’d like to use a comparison which is rather unpopular, at least with my southern neighbors: the Germans. However, it depicts the problem perfectly:

When Hitler reigned over Germany, and de facto a huge part of Europe, a relatively small group of people shared Hitler’s ideology. After the war, many Germans said “Wir haben es nicht gewusst” — “We didn’t know it”. With the eyes of a Jew, or with the eyes of any other oppressed person, it is difficult to understand. “Nonsense! They could’ve seen it!” was heard often. But actually: no, they could not. “They could have used their brains!” Sure, they could, but their brains would tell them something different than they would hear and see. Because: it was not Hitler who told the Germans how to think. It was a little group of Germans who taught Hitler how to think. And Hitler simply ceased power, as soon as it came within his reach.

“The right people at the right spots is your best asset” is not only a theory: it’s a fact. However, it can be discussed what is “right” in the case of Nazi Germany. But Hitler quickly found the right persons on the right spots. Many people are, despite their own imagination, herd animals: they follow their leaders. Even if they don’t like them. Simply because they are not able to lead themselves. And if you simply follow orders, you will get blind and deaf at the same time. Especially if you experience that you will be hit or slain, if you don’t follow.

And then there is this social mirror: most people do not like to be treated as an outcast. Therefore, many people do as they think their surroundings would appreciate. That’s a very simple, human survival mechanism. And that’s why most Germans simply accepted what happened.

Of course, Hitler did not posted pictures of concentration camps on Facebook. Not because Facebook didn’t exist, but because that would not help him telling the story about the Great Arian Race. On the contrary. So, “Sie haben es nicht gewusst? Ich glaube es” — “You didn’t know it? I believe that”.

Something similar is going on in Russia. Most people in Russia don’t know what is happening. Putin does not allow pictures of a totally demolished kindergarten — and if such pictures reach Russia, the story about “Nazi soldiers within the building, using children as a human shield, were the target” is quickly being spun around. The United Russia propaganda machine has been using many years writing a narrative. The war between Ukraine and Russia didn’t start February 24th, 2022. Even not February 27th, 2014 — the day Russian troops captured the most strategic places throughout the Crimea Peninsula. Oh no, the Russo-Ukrainian war, or actually the Greater Russian War, started around the day, Vladimir Putin assumed office. Or probably, The Greater Russian War started the day, Putin got ambitious. Just like Adolf Hitler, Putin just used the ideology of a relatively little group of people who shouted and spouted their ideology to everyone who wanted to hear. And everyone else. And then Putin simply ceased power that came within his reach.

But sorry, Adolf, Putin is doing it much smarter than you. Probably because Putin is able to restrain his temperament. If Putin is having a bad temperament, only a few people would know that.

OK, Putin has the advantage, that the Russians have been living with suppression, the danger of a brutal armed law enforcement and a very silent government. Only the latter years under Gorbachev and a first years under Yeltsin gave the Russians a bit of insight, but most of the Russians could not understand, or even cope with the freedom. And when Putin became President, their freedom of knowledge was quickly taken from them. Poor Russians. As I wrote before: Russians are dumb, but it is not their fault. They are being kept dumb.

Boris Nadezhdin — picture stolen from NTV.ru — I don’t care about Russian legal rules on infringement

Putin’s castle is showing a lot of cracks:

  • Politicians of 17 districts in Saint Petersburg and Moscow have demanded the resignation of Putin and ask the Duma to announce Putin as being a traitor and a criminal. Of course, the legal system in Russia immediately took action and gave all the politicians a fine. And they surely will face further consequences
  • The responsibility of the assassination of Darya Dugina was claimed by a partisan organization that wants to get rid of Putin. These people are Russians
  • Ever since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, mysterious fires have occurred in Moscow and other places in Russia (no proof about Russian involvement, though, let’s be honest)
  • An employee of the Russian television, Marina Ovsyannikova, interrupted a live broadcast by running into the set with a large sign, to tell the Russians, they’re being lied to
  • The former vice chairman of the Duma, Boris Nadezhdin, tells on Russian television, Russia probably won’t win the war — despite the law forbids him calling it a war.
  • An unnamed elderly woman tells a journalist: “Special operation? War? Well, they are shooting at each other, so of course, it’s a war”
  • Alexei Navalny seems, despite Putin’s attempts to lock him away, to be able to write publicly about Putin and his cronies

It’s a fact: you can lie to a lot of people. You can lie a long time. But you can’t lie to a lot of people in a long time. And any lie needs a new lie to keep the old one alive. So, it’s is just a question about time, before the Russian people will be able to see through the cracks. Being able is something different than willing to. So we need more cracks. A lot of cracks. So many cracks, the people of Russia simply cannot resist to peek at least. And that is where you come into the picture. Now, you are needed!

Please: visit the following website: https://1920.in. From here, you can get loads of phone numbers and e-mail addresses of ordinary Russians. Then you can contact them by SMS, phone, mail, Whatsapp, Viber and Telegram! The more people know what is actually happening in Ukraine and in Russia. Now is the time to widen the cracks in Putin’s neatly polished façade. It is time to incite a revolt in Moscow. And Saint Petersburg. And other cities in Russia. It is time to get rid of Putin. Let us PUT OUT PUTIN

Share this, as much as you can. If you would like, you can remove my name — it’s not me, but the message that needs to be spread! Let us PUT OUT PUTIN! And by activating the Russian people, we might be able to kill the “United Russia” ideology!



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