Why do people think, Elon Musk is clever? He is dumber than the sh*t that comes out of the *ss of a snail!

Albert Denmark
3 min readSep 8, 2023

Little Elon is The Man! According to himself, at least. He considers himself as being a very intelligent guy, who managed to start real big companies. If one says something negative about him, one will meet comments like: “Sure, you don’t like rich people”, or “have you ever tried to start a big company yourself”? Little Elon is not only “The Man” according to him self, he is also “The Man” according to a lot of other dumb people.

Photo by Austin Ramsey on Unsplash

Let me first give a little disclaimer, to avoid stupid reactions. Hope it works.

It’s not that I don’t like rich people. True, if you should take a look at my bank account, you’d cry out of pitiness or just laugh because it looks like a silly joke. But that does not make me disliking rich people. In fact, I am a huge fan of Bill Gates.

And if you should take a look at my professional life … well, I do own five companies, but that does not give me much money! In fact, I have to turn every dime twice, to make the ends meet. So no, I have not tried to build up a large company like PayPal, SpaceX or Tesla. Or Facebook or Microsoft. My largest company is having an annual revenue of about $50,000 — before taxes. But I can pay my bills, I can feed my family, I can pay my mortgage, and sometimes I can have some fun, like a little holiday in a nearby cottage.

Elon Musk, on the other hand, is having several planes (as I have been told), travels all over the world, pays billions of dollars in taxes, because he makes yet more than that. He meets with important people like Ron DeSantis, speaks on the phone with Vladimir Putin, is able to buy Twitter. Oh yes, Lonnie is really a big cahuna.

But in fact, he is just spouting wh*resh*t. He is not that clever at all. He is just able to find the right people who are so stupid to work together with him, so he can enlarge his money tank.

How he is doing that? Well, just like Donnie Trump: shout, yell, howl, wail, scream, squawk. Preferably in negative words. Try to convince people you are doing well. Be The Great Pretender.

That must be the reason why nobody knows me (thankgod!). Because I normally do not speak negatively about others. Perhaps I am stopping with that now. Simply because I am so very exhausted about Trumpy and Musky. I really don’t know which of those two idiots are the greatest d*ckheads.

And why are they d*ckheads? Simply because they use the most vulnerable people in the world, the stupid people, to their own gain.

But take a very short but closer look to your idol:
Trumpy has two daughters, but only one of them is his favorite: the one with the blond, long hair, sexy smile and great breasts. A real man should not choose one child over the other.
Musky has a daughter, who unfortunately was born as a boy. But Musky does not accept it. Oh no, because that could say something about his sperm. A real man is able to look further than is nose tip. Or should I say “end of his d*ck”.

Trumpy and Musky, Lonnie and Donnie — they are no real men. They’re just silly, totally insecure guys, who try to cover their true selves up by shouting and pretending.

So, if you still are a fan of either Trump, or Musk, or both: you are being cheated with you eyes open.



Albert Denmark

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