Shut Up You Two!

In the recent weeks, Buttmonkey Racismus Paludan burned a Qur’an in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. Of course, this was a very unnecessary provocation. You cannot expect something different from Racismus Paludan, a little, silly boy who lacks attention as well as brains. So silly, that I actually don’t want to waste any words on this peabrain.

Albert Denmark
7 min readFeb 2, 2023

But, whether I like it or not, he got himself be influencive. I like to see influence as a positive, good thing, which is in no way applicable to Racismus Paludan. This little boy alone, by him self, has at least put the Swedish (and with that, the Finnish) membership to NATO to a halt. And that is not a little thing.

A bit of history

Of course, the other peabrain is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. This man is the current President of Türkiye — the country that has been called Turkey in many years. If you know your history, you might know that the current state of Türkiye has been founded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. One of the pillars, Atatürk based his reign on, was his conviction that a government should be secular — state and religion should be total separated from each other.

After the death of Atatürk, the one-party-system continued, both because Atatürks successor continued the system, Atatürk created, but also because Hitler put a heavy pressure on Europe, which put everything else in the background. After World War II, the one-party-system in Türkye was exchanged by a multi-party-system. But no government was as popular as Atatürk was. Military coups and attempts to that, conflicts with Kurds, Greece, Albania and Bulgaria, and general unsatisfied tensions amongst the Turks made the political scene very unstable.


In 2002, the elections were won by a party called AKP, and they’ve been at power ever since. The party was lead by the former mayor of the biggest city in Türkye, Istanbul — a man called Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

AKP stands for Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi, which in English means so much as Justice and Development Party. As I have been writing about in my article The Four Paradigms of decision-making, there are four paradigms of decision making. The most common is the Legal Paradigm. What I did not mention (and actually saved for another article, but what the heck) is the fact, that many people, who live by a certain paradigm, often lend from the adjacent paradigm(s). And, too, the lower a person’s main paradigm, the bigger the chance he/she/they pretend following a higher paradigm. With that, I mean the following: if someone is making decision using the opportunistic paradigm, he/she/they often pretend to make these decisions using the legal paradigm.

And that is what is going on in the case of Erdogan. His party, the AKP, has nothing to do with justice, but with opportunities. Perhaps it has something to do with development, but nobody tells if it is developing in the right or the wrong direction.

Secular or not secular, that’s the question

Türkye is a NATO member. In fact, the country has been a member since 1952, which means it has been a member almost from the start. When Türkye became NATO member, the weakening of the secular principles had just begun. In general, Türkye was still secular. But 50 years later, when Erdogan’s party rose to power, the secular state of Türkye was de facto dead. Erdogan is Muslim, and with that laws, rulesets, and basically everything official became Islamic. In fact, Erdogan threw the Great Principle by Atatürk out of the window.

If you asked me what I would think of that one year ago, I’d say. “sad, but not my problem. Sad, because I think that Atatürk was right (at least in his secular ruling principle), but nothing more than that. I would’ve said the same if Türkye turned into a Christian, Jewish, Hindu or other reliculous government”. But now, the situation is a bit different. Now we have the dispute between Sweden and Türkye.


There is this group called the PKK. Officially, it is a political organisation, that desires an own nation for the Kurds. Kurds are living in several countries in Asia: Syria, Iraq, Iran and Türkye. But none of these countries accept separation. In Iran, you simply have to shut the hell up about being Kurd, if you love your life. Syria — well, roughly the same, however you have a few more chances to live. In Iraq, you may be able to tell you are a Kurd, but please don’t talk about separation. Don’t talk about a Kurdish State. It might be allowed by the law to do so, but people won’t accept it, and the police will not protect you or help you if someone … let’s say … does not agree with you.

Türkye, on the other hand is a bit different. There is actually a political party that desires a separate state for the Kurds. Alas, the party has been declared “terroristic”. Sure, there might be some militant organization in this party, which is called the PKK. I am not defending them, at all. So, the PKK is degraded to a undesired organization in the eyes of Erdogan.

In exile

To survive, members of the PKK live in exile. Some of them in Sweden. And Sweden does not see them as terrorists. Sweden might perceive some elements of the PKK as being criminal, or otherwise dangerous. They might accept a wish from Türkye to detain them, but … since their lives cannot be guaranteed in Türkye, Sweden is not willing to hand them over to Türkye. And that is a thorn in the eye of Erdogan.

So, Sweden wants to become a member of NATO. To achieve that, all NATO members need to accept that, since that is the rule in NATO: every member has to accept new members, unanimously. 29 out of 30 members have welcomed Sweden. But not Türkye. This is exactly where Erdogan is pretending to use the Legal Paradigm, but clearly acts by the Opportunistic Paradigm: he is doing what he can. He has never heard of doing what he ought to do (the Ethical or Moral Paradigm). He knows the Legal Paradigm — and lends sometimes from it. He pretends he is doing what the law allows him — but hey, he’s the President. He rules by decrees. He can chance laws, put them aside, abolish them if he likes, write new laws, and apply them in any way that fits him. So, if he can’t get his hands on the “bad PKK guys” in Sweden, then he will do everything that is in his power: denying Sweden to become a member of the NATO.

And along came Mr. Peabrain

It has costed many million of dollars (or euros if you’d like), to make the NATO members to meet, discuss and find a way out of the PKK-Sweden-Türkye-conflict. And it seemed it worked out. A few details had to be talked about, but the Swedish membership was within reach. And along came Racismus Paludan.

Mr. Peabrain has previously been a Danish wanna-be-politician. He actually founded a political party in Denmark, called Stram Kurs (in English: “Strict Direction”. But he found a way to bypass some rules to meet some requirements for participating in the elections. That caused him exclusion from the next (and now latest) elections in Denmark. But just like Racismus is doing all the time: he finds legal ways to achieve his opportunistic goals. Yes, you are reading it correct: he is just like Erdogan: opportunists that pretend to be legal. Or: liars.

The opportunists

One of the things Racismus did was founding a new political party. He also founded a church: the Sankt Jakob Maurerdræberens Kirke (The Saint Jacob Moorkillers Church). Why? Because it gives him a money (from the state of Denmark) and fiscal advantages. And most of all: he can spout his bullshit under the cover of being “religious”. Reliculous.

One of the things, Racismus Paludan loves to do, is burning Qur’ans at public places. Not only in Denmark, but he also started doing the same in Sweden. That caused him to be declared “persona non grata” in Sweden. But then he found out, his father is Swedish. So that gives him the right to become Swedish citizen. Which abolishes the “persona non grata” thingy. So, Paludan can travel in and out of Sweden as he wants.

A counter productive pattern

And then, one day, he decided to burn a Qur’an in front of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm. Now, that does good, doesn’t it? Of course it doesn’t! Anyone, sane or insane, could tell that that won’t work out very well. And how did Erdogan react? “Now I will not allow Sweden to become NATO member”.

Well done, Racismus. Very smart, Mr. Peabrain. You cost the community many millions of Kroner in advance because the police is obliged to secure you when you are doing dumb things. And now you’ve blown the whole top meeting between NATO members, that got Türkye to initially accept Sweden. Every single man, woman or non-binary in the whole free world is paying lots of money to satisfy your opportunistic, silly, dumb bullshit. And why? Just because you want to be influential. Well, congratulations, you are influential. But what do you think the world will say about Racismus Paludan when you some day die? Nobody will speak of “The Great Rasmus Paludan”. The world will be richer, the day you die.

Nobody wins. Almost nobody.

You, and Erdogan — you are just the same. So shut the f*** op you two. Nobody wins ever. You are tearing everything and everyone with you. Everyone loses. Everyone but one. Vladimir Putin. He is cracking up.



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