My Own Special Operation

Albert Denmark
3 min readOct 6, 2022


The soil, my house is built on, was inhabited by cows, a bit more than 50 years ago. Not only here, where my house is placed, but also on my neighbor’s ground. I own twice the size of his soil. And you know, my neighbor isn’t very nice. He beats his kids and is very mean to everyone.

Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash

Therefore, I reckon, I might do something. A few of my employees are used to do some physical work, so I sent them to my neighbor’s house. Actually, his house must be mine, since it is built on the same piece of soil as mine, that soil that once was inhabited by cows. And since my house is bigger, I have more rights.

It was my plan to throw over my neighbor’s reign, and replace him with a nicer person. However, the plan failed. So I recognize my neighbor as being the legal leader of that house. But the kids in those rooms, I simply NEED to liberate them!

One of the kids fled, when my men entered the house. I know, of course, people are saying I obducted her to an orphanage, but that is nonsense. She left, totally on her own initiative, to a better place. The other kids were asked by my men if they would like to be my children, or if they wanted to live alone. And guess what: they really wanted to become my children! Not that I was surprised: who does not want to be my kid!

And when they agreed, all of them, without a sign of hesitation, I asked my own kids if they think the rooms in my neighbor’s house should be mine. They agreed. I also asked my wife, and she agreed, too! So I just wrote a little document in Word, stating that I am now the official owner of those rooms.

A little problem, though: My neighbor seems to disagree, so he managed to take a little bit of the rooms back, and is making a lot of posture there. I haven’t decided yet where the walls of the room should be, but the rooms will be mine, for ever!

What I don’t understand is: why oh why do the other people in the neighborhood ignore me? Even those, who normally agree with all my decisions, said, now is not the time to execute a special operation in my neighbor’s house. It also became very difficult to get hold of things, I cannot produce myself. But well, I will find some alternatives. People will see, some time, that I am the Great Albert.

Of course, none of the above is true! My neighbor is a great guy, and I would never dream of taking his children, his house or anything else from him. His things are his, and no-one else. And “The Great Albert”? Nah!



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