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3 min readFeb 8, 2024


Let’s stop talking about Ukraine

I lack the time to write a nice article, with a neat formatting, grammar check and decorated with pictures and links.

There is a war raging, and all we do is talking. In the meanwhile are Ukrainians busy dying on the battle field.

Like it or not (I don’t), but Russia is winning the war. “Not my war”, many might think. No, correct. It is a war between Russia and Ukraine.

Some say, this is not about Ukraine, because Putin will not stop until he has reestablished the glory times of the Soviet Union. That will mean Russia once again will be the threat it was during the cold War. And because of that, they say, it is our war.

That is also true, except the last four words.

Unless you add the word “yet”.

What is going on low, is a war between Russia and Ukraine, not more and not less.

But… we should make it our war. We should get involved. Just because we don’t want the next step.

I don’t care if that little shit head in the Kremlin, Vladski Little Dickski, wins or lose. But I do care if the Russian way of life becomes the standard in Europe.

Many of you might be Americans. For you, things will not change that much if Russia defeats Ukraine. But for us, it will.

And if that Trumploser gets back to your White House, he surely will seek to leave NATO. Perhaps not officially, but his egocentric “USA First” (which actually is exactly the same as Adolf Hitler said about Germany) style will make him not to keep the paragraph 5-rule from the NATO Pact. And that will de facto kill NATO, leaving the Europeans alone.

Do not misunderstand me: NATO without USA could exist, but if the biggest guest leaves the party, more will follow. And if NATO is reduced to a weakened group of, let’s say, 1å countries, Russia will be stronger.

So, voting Donnie back to 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue, will mean I will be Russian withing 3 years. Against my will. A vote for Trump is an act of egoism.

If that is what you want, well, that is your choice.

That is why I ask, Mr. Biden, Mr. Scholz, Mr. Macron, Mr. Stoltenberg, please accept the brutal facts, and help Ukraine in a way that helps: stop talking. Stop sending old weapons and empty promises, false hopes and stupid illusions. Send soldiers. Attack that stupid fuck of a Putinski. Do something real.

Before people react: “why are you writing in stead of traveling to Ukraine and fight?” — easy: we need to do it together. Me alone would be an kamikaze action, I’d be dead before I have set one foot on the actual battle field.

In real life, I am an ethical hacker. I am not good with conventional weapons like guns and tanks. My weapon is called Linux and TCP/IP.

I am bound to a codex, and will not use my knowledge and skills to solely attack Russian IT Infrastructure. But if the military, in a NATO, UN or Danish cooperation asks me, I will be the first to defend my countries — Denmark, USA and the rest of the free world.

Stop talking, and send in the troops.



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