Do You Believe In Law And Order?

Of course, I am not talking about the NBC TV show. Law and order is what most people in modern countries consider to be the best solution to keep peace within their cities. Well, I don’t believe in law and order. Actually, I find it disgusting. And here is why.

Albert Denmark
5 min readSep 22, 2022

You might remember the heavy protests in the wake of the death of George Floyd. Millions of people, not only in the United States, protested against the way, minorities are treated by the police. While the protests mainly were targeted on the American police, about their treatment of black, and by extension colored people, the Black Lives Matter movement tried to get the government to act.

And how did the Great King Trumpy react? He called for law and order! His mantra, which he’s been living on all his life, was being used to dissolve the great marches of people, demanding at least a fair coping of the minorities by the police.

Culminating at the Capitol

And when Trumpy wanted to do a photo shoot with a Bible in his claws… sorry… hands, and was met with protesters on his way to the church the hypocritical pictures should been taken, the police was order to shoot with rubber bullets. That’s how Trumpy wanted to keep the mob down.

Law and order, under the direct command of the big guy in charge. And we all know how that culminated on January 6th, 2021, when the same believer in Law And Order denied to stop the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys and the QAnon supporters to storm the Capitol. Law And Order if it fits in the head of the Great Leader.

But that’s not why I despise law and order. It’s just a confirmation of the fact that I loath it. No, the reason is very simple: we cannot maintain the world with laws.

Similarities but no correlation

Even though there is no correlation between the two (and please, do not thwart my words!), lies and laws have something in common: they both need more of the species to keep the old ones alive. Meaning: neither a law nor a lie will be able to cover every aspect of what it is trying to cover, and will need another instance of itself to cover the holes. That new instance will contain holes, too, which need to be covered by… a new instance.

Let’s take a look at two very actual cases:

Vladimir’s manuscript

Czar Vladimir has been using more than 20 years to write the story about himself, to polish it, kneading it and telling it. Not only about himself, but also about how he sees the world: a western world that hates the Russians (he reinvented the word Russophobia), a Russian mothership that owns all of the surrounding countries, like it was under Lenin and Stalin, a NATO that wants to attack and destroy Russia, and a country of which its citizens think politics is only something clever people understand and should deal with.

In 2014, Putin saw the opportunity to cease Crimea during the aftermath of the Maydan Revolution, which lost him his lap dog Yanukovicz in Kyiv.

This year, we reckoned the time had come to reinstate a vasal government in Kyiv, and overturn the pro Western government lead by Zelensky. In order to do that, he had to write a manuscript, a narrative. He had been using Russophobia and a false role of the NATO in a long time, so when he heard about the Azov Regiment, which sympathized with neonazist ideologies, he began telling the story of a Nazi regime in Kyiv. Not a story he began to talk about the week before the invasion. No, Putin and his puppets have been using ages to narrate their bullshit. And then, on February 24th, he’d order the quick takeover, the Blitzkrieg, a ”special military operation”. He expected it would take three days at last, to get rid of Zelensky and replace him with a Kremlin friendly puppet.

Changing the script

We all know, it did not go that way. When he realized his men were slaughtered around Kyiv and he could not get rid of Zelensky, he changed the narrative. Even though he kept talking about the Nazi regime in Kyiv, he now focused on liberation of the Donbas region: the brothers of Russia. And the citizens of Russia bought into it. And why shouldn’t they? Even though the jigsaw got another face, all the components still existed and were intact: the aggressive NATO, Russophobia, Naziregime, all the facets of Putin’s narrative were there.

But then, the Ukrainian counter-offensive started. And the Russian soldiers began to flee. Suddenly, the jigsaw puzzle was missing some pieces. And people in Russia, despite Putin’s persistent attempts to keep them uninformed (or stupid, if you’d like) began to see the missing pieces. And whether Putin wants it or not: they’re humans, a d humans fill in the missing parts.

That’s where the difference between lies and truth comes in: truth does not need a new instance of itself to be kept alive, truth is alive and able to survive under all circumstances.

People in Russia are demonstrating. Not many, in comparison to how many citizens Russia counts, but the revolution is to begin.

How does Putin react on that? Well, he uses law and order. Laws, he’s been writing to prepare the way toward his goal, and order to enforce all the people on that way to walk in line.

Just like Trumpy, Czar Vladimir will fail.

And that brings me to the second example: Tehran.

The immoral morality police

A young woman was arrested by the morality police for violation of the rules around covering her hair. The woman died while in custody. Iranian officials quickly came with a narrative that the woman suffered from a heart disease. But the lie was too obvious, and people began do demonstrate, burning their niqabs in public. And how does the Islamic Republic leadership react? Law and order. Laws, they’ve been written to pave the road to their goal, and order to make sure the people on that road are walking in line. Let’s hope the protests in Tehran will lead to overturn the Islamic government. Not because it’s Islamic, but because suppressing people is barbaric.

Now you know why I despise law and order. Why I can’t stand Republicans. Why I really hope, ethics will prevail, and Trumpy will be stripped from power and influence.



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